The Customs Union Agreement between Turkey and the European Union was enacted into law on December 31, 1995. The EU-Turkey Customs Union Agreement covers products such as industrial goods and processed agricultural products.

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    As Turkey is moving to the center stage of global commercial transactions and rapidly becoming a regional hub for management, production and exports, Neziroglu’s Tax team is fully prepared to assist you in the complex world of tax, by serving as an extension of your business.

    When you engage Neziroglu’s Tax practice, you’re getting an interdisciplinary team that understands how tax law interacts with other areas of the law— including corporate, real estate, litigation and employment.

    Whether local or cross-border, taxes will always impact your business. As regulations and issues shift and evolve, we will work alongside you to help you stay on top of the latest developments, manage your compliance, and implement strategies to manage tax costs. As your trusted advisor, our team will assist you across the entire corporate and tax spectrum including complex structuring issues to more routine tax issues as well as proactive management of tax controversy risks.

    Neziroglu Law Firm advises local and international clients on sale and purchase of immovable property, as well as financing, establishment and release of all rights in rem on immovable property like mortgages.

    Our team experts can negotiate for all immovable property related contracts including construction and lease agreements, privatization and middle and mass scale real estate development projects.

    Our team has significant experience in all banking and finance transactions of international and domestic levels.

    Our broad experience in the field enables us to advise both lenders and borrowers in relation to debt structuring, financial restructuring, syndicated loans, derivative transactions, and aviation financing, as well as acquisition finance.

    We provide legal assistance to both domestic and international banks and financial institutions in every phase of their daily transactions, as well as project based transactions.

    The experienced members of our litigation team also actively participate in the resolution of disputes arising from financial transactions.

    In the context of corporate and commercial law, Neziroglu Law provides sector specific strategic and structural advice and services.
    Our firm assists clients in establishing operations and new businesses, private partnerships, joint ventures, liaison offices and branch offices.

    Our team can provide guidance on the full spectrum of M&A transactions (both on the buyer and seller side) and have extensive experience in corporate restructuring, private equity and investment fund transactions as well as liquidations.

    Neziroglu Law provides legal assistance for addressing potential investment opportunities and structures for Clietns, perform legal due diligence and draft, review and negotiate any type of acquisition or investment contracts needed.

    Our team can counsel our clients on the legal, administrative and regulatory issues that arise during the day to day operations of companies, such as convening general assemblies and preperation of board of directors' resolutions, and offer general corporate law advice.

    Our team provides customized and hands-on legal advice and support for start-ups. Our clients range from startups in the early developing stages to companies that have been publicly traded and sold or merged with other corporations.

    For many businesses around the world, franchising is the most efficient, profitable path to growth. Neziroglu understands the franchise industry and its diverse legal needs.

    Our team advises on all aspects of franchise law as well as other related distribution models across a broad spectrum of sectors, including: food & beverage, fitness, retail, services, hospitality, entertainment, technology and automotive.

    We provide assistance in operational issues, safeguard intellectual property by complying with registration and disclosure requirements, advise on risk management and prepare a wide range of agreements. We also provide support with litigation and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

    Protecting your business and your reputation at minimum cost is our goal and we balance this with rigorous defence of your interests through court procedures or arbitration.

    Decisions over whether to go to court or seek early settlement are crucial.

    Our success in handling high profile and complex disputes give us a clear understanding of where the risks really lie.

    We take a pragmatic approach to evaluating your case, your objectives and your possible routes to success.

    We represent clients before Turkish civil, criminal and administrative courts and Turkish and international arbitration tribunals, as well as in investigatory or disciplinary proceedings before Turkish administrative authorities

    The definition of risk is constantly changing. Natural disasters, terrorism, economic meltdowns and the threat of pandemics are all risks that increasingly affect the entire world. Add legislative reform and more regulations on a local level to the mix, and companies today find themselves under enormous pressure.

    From dealing with consumers and competitors to meeting regulatory commitments, Neziroglu helps manage risks. We drive mediation, arbitration and litigation across:




    Market conduct exams and investigations

    Class action lawsuits

    Coverage claims

    We also provide legal advice in:

    Accident and health insurance

    Insurance litigation and arbitration

    Insurance regulation

    Insurance related insolvencies

    Insurance transactions and mergers and acquisitions

    Insurers and sureties

    Life insurance and annuities

    Professional liability

    Property, casualty and liability insurance


    Risk management

    Title insurance

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