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Turkey And The UK Sıgn Post-Brexıt Free Trade Agreement

2 December 2022

The Customs Union Agreement between Turkey and the European Union was enacted into law on December 31, 1995. The EU-Turkey Customs Union Agreement covers products such as industrial goods and processed

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The Use Of Escrow Accounts In International Trade Transactions And Implications For Financial Institutions

1 December 2021

Payment security is probably one of the most important factors for the parties in any type of international trade

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Current Developments In The Hospitality Industry & The Risks And Affects Of Daily House Rental Services

3 January 2021

Daily house lease and rental services, which have become widespread in the recent years and are getting more popular each day all over

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Considerations On Governance Of Cyberspace: Does It Require A Different Form?

6 December 2020

This article hereby is an approach concerning the growing awareness of the social, economic, and political impact of the Internet on society since it has brought the question

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Leaving Limited Liability Companies And Corporations As A Shareholder A Comparative Perspective Of American & Turkish Law

29 October 2020

The leave or exclusion of a shareholder from a corporation is an issue that needs to be meticulously emphasized during the incorporation of a new company, yet it is frequently omitted during the

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Franchise Sözleşmeleri Ve Franchise Hakkının 3. Kişilere Devri

2 October 2020

Franchising ilk defa 1851’de dikiş makinesini icat eden Isaac Singer’in üretim yapacak sermayesi olmaması ve insanlar makineyi kullanmayı bilmediği için müşteri çevresi oluşturamaması problemlerini

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Otelcilik Sektöründeki Son Değişimler Ve Günlük Ev Kiralama Hizmetlerinin Sektöre Etkileri

2 September 2020

Son yıllarda hızla yaygınlaşan ve özellikle de sunduğu uygun konaklama imkânları ile popülaritesi dünyanın her yerinde artmaya devam eden günlük ev kiralama servisi

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Hardship Clauses and Modification of Contracts in Light of COVID-19

2 July 2020

Recently, after the massive and rapid spread of the Corona Virus known as COVID-19 and the World Health Organization’s announcement of the whole situation

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Turkey And Azerbaijan Sign Preferential Trade Agreement

8 February 2020

A Preferential Trade Agreement between Turkey and Azerbaijan was signed on February 25, 2020 in Baku, following the 8th meeting of the Azerbaijan – Turkey Cooperation Council on 31.05.2020. The legislative proposal

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