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Acquiring Real Property In Turkey With VAT Exemption As A Foreigner Or Non-Resident

2 December 2022

The foreign interest in acquiring real property in Turkey is continuously increasing. According to TÜİK data, 18,189 residence units were sold to foreigners

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The Use Of Escrow Accounts In International Trade Transactions And Implications For Financial Institutions

1 December 2021

Payment security is probably one of the most important factors for the parties in any type of international trade

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Franchise Agreements And Transfer Opportunities

3 July 2021

Franchising as a concept originated in 1851 when Isaac Singer invented the sewing machine; he did not have the capital to produce or customers – due to a lack of knowledge on how to use the machine.

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The Normalization Process In Turkey

4 April 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic which affected the globe brought along various measures with it since the disclosure of the first case in Turkey on 11 March 2020. Within this context, curfews have been declared for citizens over

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Considerations On Governance Of Cyberspace: Does It Require A Different Form?

6 December 2020

This article hereby is an approach concerning the growing awareness of the social, economic, and political impact of the Internet on society since it has brought the question

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Otelcilik Sektöründeki Son Değişimler Ve Günlük Ev Kiralama Hizmetlerinin Sektöre Etkileri

2 September 2020

Son yıllarda hızla yaygınlaşan ve özellikle de sunduğu uygun konaklama imkânları ile popülaritesi dünyanın her yerinde artmaya devam eden günlük ev kiralama servisi

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Türk Hukuku Ve Influencer Marketing

28 July 2020

Günümüzde, sosyal medya kullanımının artması ile birlikte ‘Influencer’ kavramı da oldukça yaygınlaşmıştır. Influencer; belirli bir takipçi kitlesi olan, topluma ilham veren ve toplum üzerinde etki bırakan kişi olarak

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Hardship Clauses and Modification of Contracts in Light of COVID-19

2 July 2020

Recently, after the massive and rapid spread of the Corona Virus known as COVID-19 and the World Health Organization’s announcement of the whole situation

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Turkey And Azerbaijan Sign Preferential Trade Agreement

8 February 2020

A Preferential Trade Agreement between Turkey and Azerbaijan was signed on February 25, 2020 in Baku, following the 8th meeting of the Azerbaijan – Turkey Cooperation Council on 31.05.2020. The legislative proposal

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