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20 April 2024 Saturday,6:53 PM


We held our 4th Meeting for the development and beautification of Nişantaşı Abdi İpekçi Street, one of the most famous streets in the world, also where our office is located. At the meeting; It was decided to establish a delegation of 4 members, consisting of Avi Alkaş, Hüsamettin Namlıcı, Att. Yiğit Yıldız and Ismail Kutlu. Important actors and actresses of the Street gathered for the development of Nişantaşı and especially Abdi İpekçi Street. Our founding lawyer Yiğit Yıldız, who attended on behalf of Neziroğlu Law Firm, stated that Abdi İpekçi Street is one of a kind in Turkey and anything will be done to protect this value.